It has many benefits like giving you a feeling of happiness and improving your mood as well as lower levels of depression and anxiety. It can also help boost your confidence and make you feel better in many aspects. Cuddle therapy is a very personal and therapeutic service and is performed according to your needs. It’s best to speak to the therapist how you would like to spend the session wether it is being cosy on the couch or in bed it all depends on your needs and preferences.

Booking is simple and easy, you can make a booking by using the online char or calling/messaging us via Text and WhatsApp and we will forward your request to the therapist who will get in touch with you directly.

We cover the whole of London whether you are at home, office or any other location, we also offer an incall service if you don’t have anywhere to get your treatment, please get in touch for more information.

Unexpected situations may arise and we fully understand that. In such cases if you need to cancel your booking, please text or call us to let us know as soon as you can. However if the cancellation occurs less than an hour of the scheduled booking a travel fee of £20 would need to be paid to cover the therapists travel expense. If there is more than one hour left for the booking you do not need to pay anything and we will cancel the booking for you.

You are free to undress to the level of your comfort if you prefer to leave on your undergarments, feel free to do so, however if you feel more comfortable nude you can undress completely and our therapists can cover and protect your modesty with a sheet.

The aim of the treatment is to leave you completely refreshed and relaxed. If you feel this is best done by talking to the therapist while receiving your treatment, be assured that the therapist will listen and adapt to any needs you have. If you feel to discuss anything with the therapist prior to the treatment feel free to do so, that way the therapist will know how to deliver the best treatment according to your needs.
Each therapist has personal experience and an individual style; you can read a brief description of the therapist on their profile page.Feel free to book a therapist of your choice and we will aim to deliver the best home spa like experience for you.
Yes, most definitely. You can enjoy a 4 hands massage as well as 2 massage therapists if you have someone with you and would like to share the spa experience with them.
Our therapists are very professional and have high hygiene standards. The therapists will wash their hands, clean and disinfect any chair or table if needed. This ensures that your massage will be a healthy, hygienic and relaxing experience.

You can pay online by bank transfer which is very safe and secure, you can also pay directly to the therapist by bank transfer or cash.